STEM Parents

STEM World is designed to spark kids' curiosity in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) through activities that promote knowledge and discovery. You'll find videos, games, interactives, events and other educational resources you can enjoy together.

Why Stem?

STEM is a way to explore and understand the world, providing a framework for understanding important ideas, big and small. It provides a foundation for a lifetime of learning and informed decision-making.

STEM is also a way to change the world, drawing upon the skills and knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. STEM fields are important for our future, and offer higher than average salaries in an expanding range of occupations. Increasingly, STEM is where the good jobs are!

But STEM isn't all serious business. While you and your child explore STEM together you can try new things, meet engaging people and go interesting places.
Start with some of these ideas:

Encourage kid's natural curiosity about the world. Let kids know that it's perfectly acceptable to not have all the answers, and encourage them to explore and discover!

Encourage Questions
STEM-friendly Home

Science happens everywhere. Gardening, auto mechanics, construction, cooking and plumbing all use STEM skills. Encourage safe experimentation and discovery in the kitchen and backyard, where they can practice predicting, measuring, observing and analyzing. Create an in-home discovery zone that offers basic supplies, internet access, and a space where they can get a little messy as they explore science.

With the growing importance of science and technological literacy, it is important to strengthen kid's engagement, interest and confidence from the earliest years all the way through high school. Help them make educational choices and see the connections between science and math classes and future career options.

Provide School Smarts
STEM Opportunities

Great science learning happens outside the classroom as well. In addition to programs included in STEM WORLD, learning opportunities for kids can be found at science museums, zoos, scouting organizations and STEM clubs during afterschool hours, weekends and summer breaks. These programs often provide kids with introductions to mentors, who can help them develop their interest in STEM.

Talk to kids in your life about STEM. Ask them about what they are learning in school. Encourage them to notice the importance of STEM in everyday life .

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